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Feel free to suggest more! Claim a piece of me:

Heart- (reserved for partner in crime)
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((Just busy, wow I have a lot of classes now =3= I believe I'm currently taking 15 classes the stuff is pretty basic but so much readddingg. I'm hoping the tests aren't crazy hard cuz I fail at tests ^^; ANYWAYS  life over here is awesome I love being on my own it's so free but at the same time sometimes stressful because I have to limit myself quite a bit and manage my time more. Food is absolutely fantastic though er mah gawd there's just so many possibilities!!! If it was for my 1000 yen per day limit I swear I'd stuff myself with food all the time, good thing I bike and walk everywhere, cuz I need that exercise hahaha. uuuuum dunno what else to write, this is basically a note that I'm still alive and doin well, if ya have any questions about life in Japan or whatever I'd be happy to answer >w< ya can go do that on my blog:
So recommendation this time is the anime Kill La Kill! It's ecchi but the animation is pretty awesome and I friggen love the characters it's so friggen bad ass~ 
Til next time ;D 
  • Listening to: Panic! at the Disco
  • Reading: homeworks
  • Watching: Kill la Kill
  • Playing: teeeeaaaa
  • Eating: foooood


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United States
What's up everyone!? This is the Hero America! I'm just chilling here, so if anyone wants to talk with me I'm totally willing! Also ask me questions peoples, cuz I don't get enough!!!! >A<

Chat room:…

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Admin: ((so rules:
I do RP, but I'm probably terrible so I apologize ahead of time.
Smut is ok in notes, but is reserved for Partner in crime status~ and nothing too explicit please! I'd like to keep him heroic and stay with only one lover <3 plus fluff is cuter
BUT if you have a request for a drawing that is of a different pairing, I'm totally fine with drawing it!
Oh I also find it difficult RPing with main accounts as different characters, so stick with one character please to make it easier on me
Asking admin questions is an A-Ok, I like some love sometimes too, don't wanna be invisible like poor Mattie ;w;
aaaand that's about it for now!))

Icons of yours truly:


Tony, my bestest friend:

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